The 7th International Congress of Emotional Intelligence begins in Australia

The 7th edition of the conference organized by the International Society for Emotional Intelligence will take place on July 14-17, 2019 in Perth, Australia. The biennial event is attended by the most important representatives of the world of science, researchers and practitioners, presenting the latest achievements and research results in the field of emotional intelligence.

The Polish academic community will be represented for the second time in a row by Marzena Martyniak, the founder of the Institute for Emotional Development, existing since 2012, an associate partner of the International Society for Emotional Intelligence (ISEI) and the author of the Polish version of the Land of emotions program. In his scientific work, he conducts pioneering research on the emotional intelligence of children from 3 years of age, using the created questionnaire for examining emotional intelligence – TIED. In recent years, she has focused on creating tools and methods of working on the development of IE in education and for people in managerial positions, conducting regular trainings and workshops. During the conference, he will present the results of a 3-month training in developing emotional intelligence, conducted on a group of 130 preschool educators, as well as the tools and methods of work used.

Among the conference guests there are the greatest names of researchers in the field of psychology and emotional intelligence, among others Marc Brackett – director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and professor of Child Study Center at Yale University, Neal M. Ashkanasy – professor at Queensland University, Joseph Ciarrochi – professor at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at the Australian Catholic University and Carolyn MacCann from the University of Sydney.