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Level of adult emotions (LOAE)

Emotional nteligencja is a collection of knowledge about emotions and skills, thanks to which you manage your life. Emotions are our friend, as long as we can recognize them correctly and understand the reasons for their appearance. They can be our enemy when we don’t know how to express them and diminish their strength. One thing is for sure, emotions are the energy through which we express our needs.

The Emotional Intelligence test will allow you to get to know yourself better. What do you want to learn about yourself ?:

How you recognize, understand and control your own and other people’s emotions. How effectively you use emotions in directing your own or someone else’s action
How do you access your and other people’s emotions, how do you respect them and understand their functions, how do you interpret various emotional situations and how you react to them.
How do you use your own emotions to solve problems not only emotional.
How do you understand emotions.
How do you function in society, especially in situations requiring you to be assertive, in situations of social exposure and in situations of close interpersonal contact.
What is the level of your assertiveness, cooperation skills, sociability, resourcefulness and social competence.

Here you can check what your world of emotions looks like. How do you feel, how do you deal with your emotions.

Level of adult emotions (LOAE) is the first step for many adults to improve their ability to deal with their emotions in order to feel better about themselves and others. The second step is to choose a “Personal EPower” emotional training training, which we encourage you to take now. (store)

Level of children emotions (LOVE)

Emotional intelligence is a collection of knowledge about emotions and skills, thanks to which we manage our lives. The tool for diagnosing emotional intelligence can already be used in children from 2.5 years of age. The tool you can use will show you what knowledge your child currently has about their emotions. We teach a child to deal with emotions from an early age. In preschool age, a child acquires emotional habits that stay with him for the rest of his life. Emotional habits are an automated way to express your emotions. The information obtained through the test will allow you to build the best emotional habits in your child and, if necessary, improve those habits that the following test will suggest to you.

A test that will check how your child sees the world of emotions.

Are you sure your child recognizes emotions correctly?
Are you sure he understands the reasons behind his and others’ emotions?
Are his ways of expressing how he feels beneficial to him and those around him?
Are his ways to regulate his emotions already known to him?

Here you can check what the world of emotions looks like in your child.

“Level of children emotions” (LOVE) is the first step for many adults to help their children improve their emotional coping skills. The second step that many parents have helped to teach their children to better manage their emotions is the educational program “Land of emotions”, which can be used in home education by any parent. We encourage you to take advantage of its advantages.


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