The family environment is a place with its own unique emotional atmosphere. It is the parents who create it and allow the child to commune with it. When one adult’s emotions change, it is immediately felt by the rest of the household. Each of them influences the other with their emotions.

“Imagine your family is happy – and it will be”

“The greatest gift is the second person who gives his presence, who is support, who listens and hears us, who is with us here and now”

Have you heard of emotional habits?

Did you know that you learned the way you manage your emotions as a child? You felt your first emotions while in your mother’s womb. When you came into the world you watched your parents and learned from them the world of emotions, how to recognize them and understand them. They showed you how to express your emotions, how to regulate them. You have been taught to deal with emotions by your parents and every adult present in your life in the early years of life.

“Your outer world is a mirror that reflects the contents of the inner world of your emotions, thoughts and beliefs”

For several years, Marzena Martyniak has been conducting meetings and workshops for parents in the field of communicating with children. Based on the needs and questions of parents of children, a series of guides for parents from the series “Doctor Emocja” was created, in which each parent can understand their child’s behavior and support them in better coping with their emotions.


Stages of emotional development of a child

Ah, if I had known sooner… I would have done differently, I would have acted differently. Such words are often heard by a parent when they notice that their child is starting to have behavioral and emotional problems. Knowing about your child’s emotional and social development can help you understand their needs. In our online store you can find information about what your child needs at a specific age. You will learn what fears he experiences, learn about typical ways of relieving emotional tension, what emotions appear in him and how he expresses them. Detailed, specific and clearly prepared guides for every parent of children aged 0-10. “Child development crises” will allow you to get to know your child even better. You will understand his needs, behavior, fears and developmental stages.


Products for the family

If your child is in home education or you want to work on emotions yourself, the educational program “Land of emotions” is available for you here.

Are you curious what the world of emotions looks like in your child? Do you want to know if he can recognize, name or express them properly? You can check it. More information can be found here: Level of children emotions (LOCE) – a test that checks the child’s knowledge about emotions at the moment.

Or maybe you would like to check how you perceive and deal with your emotions and how you react to the emotions of others? Be sure to read more about the Level of adult emotions (LOAE) test – a test that checks the knowledge about emotions in an adult

Have you already checked how you deal with your emotions? What, are you happy with the results? If you are not satisfied with the result, you can improve your emotional well-being with the “Personal EPower” training for one month. Be sure to read about him here


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