Land of Emotions

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The “Land of emotions” program was written by the psychologist Marzena Martyniak, a specialist in emotional intelligence as a continuation of her earlier program “Social emotional learning”. During the creation of this program, for 3 years, research was conducted on the effectiveness of the program and its benefits for teachers, children and parents. For two years at the end of each month, the effects of using the program were checked in each age group of children. The research and observations also concerned the work of teachers, in particular getting to know their needs, so that they could perform their profession in the best possible way. Over the past 2 years, over 2,000 children and over 200 teachers have benefited from the program.

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Children are given a lot of freedom in play and in resolving conflicts and problems, so that they can develop the potential of independence, creativity and experience the feeling of agency. The program also includes body, music, drawing, relaxation and mindfulness activities that are an important part of the program. The teacher and the parent receive the necessary materials to work with the child and his emotions in order to discover the child’s world of emotions in small steps every day. The Land of Emotions program is designed for all age groups from 3 to 7 years of age. It is prepared for 1 month and its implementation can be started at any time during the school year. Its implementation takes 15 minutes a day.

The educational program “Land of emotions” is a preventive program, used as an auxiliary program and is treated as an addition to any program implemented within the core curriculum. It can be used in kindergartens, in home education, by any parent in the home environment.

The guiding principle of the program is based on positive psychology and includes 3 basic pillars: love, reason, emotions. Children, teachers and parents participate in the implementation of the program. The teacher and parent is a person who is to set an example with a wise approach to managing emotions and a friendly relationship to people. There is a ban on the use of punishments and rewards, a reduction in the amount of commanding and admonishing messages in favor of the use of positive reinforcements. The program requires commitment from the teacher, who is to become a friend of his / her pupils, treat them in an individual way and observe their progress. An important element of the program implementation is systematic use of tools and implementation of guidelines and worksheets. The program is implemented using the “small steps” method, which makes the program execution easy and pleasant.

How is the program implemented:


  1. The schedule of activities set out for 10 months.
  2. Listed educational goals for each age group in a given month.
  3. Quality worksheets for teacher activities and the program being implemented.

For the TEACHER for each month

  1. Program implementation instructions
  2. Need cards for each month
  3. Code of expressing emotions
  4. Educational materials on basic knowledge about emotions
  5. IE development tools
  6. Weekly and monthly work plans
  7. Work cards
  8. Poems, nursery rhymes, songs etc.
  9. Scenarios for activities with the body, music, drawing, relaxation, mindfulness
  10. Child observation sheet

For the PARENT

  1. Educational materials on the basic knowledge of a child’s emotions
  2. Tools for IE development at home
  3. Educational materials for working with the child at home, consistent with those provided by the teacher
  4. Scenarios for activities with the body, music, drawing, relaxation, mindfulness

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