Level of children emotions LOCE

Level of children emotions (LOCE)

Emotional intelligence is a collection of knowledge about emotions and skills, thanks to which we manage our lives. the tool for diagnosing emotional intelligence can already be used in children from 2.5 years of age. The tool you can use will show you what knowledge your child currently has about their emotions. We teach a child to deal with emotions from an early age. In preschool age, a child acquires emotional habits that stay with him for the rest of his life. Emotional habits are an automated way to express your emotions. This information will allow you to build the best emotional habits in your child and, if necessary, improve those habits that are suggested by the test below.

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A test that will check how your child sees the world of emotions.

  1. Are you sure your child recognizes emotions correctly? Whether he recognizes the anger in their faces. Does he recognize sadness among children playing in the playground?
  2. Are you sure he understands the reasons why specific emotions appear in him and others? Does he know why he feels angry? Why does he feel sad?
  3. Are his ways of expressing how he feels beneficial to him and those around him? How does he express his anger, bite, stamp his feet, pinch, cry? Which of these methods is appropriate?
  4. Are his ways to regulate his emotions already known to him? What does he do when the anger is very strong, shows it violently, or maybe it is not visible at all?

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